Ciencia Labs

The next generation of cannabis brands and IP


Ciencia Labs is a house of cannabis brands for sleep, stress, pain and fun.

Our team of scientists combine cannabinoids with other active ingredients to create the next generation of cannabis products.

Founded: Dec 2019

Brands: 3

SKUs: 14

Stores: 250+


Our brands and products are clearly positioned and perform well in a crowded, competitive market.


We are led by two brilliant female scientists. Most cannabis companies our size have none.

Intellectual Property

We have a licenseable IP bank of 150+ unique formulations across a wide variety of form factors.


We are extremely efficient operators, achieving 750% ROI on marketing spend and over 60% gross margins.


Our founding team has extensive experience inside and outside the cannabis industry.


Our brands are distributed by HERBL, the biggest and most professional sales and distro team in the industry.

Our Team

Ciencia Labs’ highly experienced team is built around the talents of our founder and Chief Scientific Officer Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, MS.


“One of the year’s most
helpful innovations”

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